Large Deer Box


The design is based on the red deer of Lascaux cave. 

Burnt umber paint is blown on to a beautiful weathered 6" x 6" limestone tile, then I hand-paint detailed areas. The pigment is earth-based, so this painting could survive for 30,000 years, just like the first cave art. The limestone tile is a beautiful dark cream color. I don't usually put varnish on my stone paintings, but I put a light spray of archival varnish on this stone so that it may safely be wiped clean and withstand gentle handling. The stone begs to be touched!

The box has a walnut finish which complements nicely with the stone and Deer's colors. The inside is lined with black velvet. The box is 7.375" x 7.375" x 2.25" tall. The space inside the box measures approx. 6.125" x 6.125" by 1.25" tall. Signed on the bottom. 

Large Deer Box

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