Shaman on Acacia Wood


A design from the arctic Stone Age site of Bressov-Noss near Lake Onega in Russia, it was originally engraved into rock, and then possibly painted. The crescent and disc the figure holds or propels before him could be the sun and moon, or unimagined parts of a myth. The figure wears a wolf's head and tail; as a disguise or to gain power?


I hand cut the slate stone into either an octagon or circle, depending on denseness of the stone, then weather the edges. Once I've painted and carved the image into the stone I treat it with a conservation varnish so it may be safely wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. I don't normally use varnishes on my stone paintings because it intrudes with the raw stone and pigment ideal, but since these salt boxes are utilitarian, they need to be able to withstand flying kitchen debris (if your kitchen is like mine).

The box is made from sustainable acacia wood, and is finished to be food-safe. It's lid is designed to slide open for easy access to salt or other spices. I really like practical art, so I'm very excited to be making these boxes!

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