Chauvet Horses

This painting reproduces a panel of horses from the French cave Chauvet as I imagine it might have looked freshly painted 30,000 years ago. The majority of paintings in Chauvet cave, including these lions, are black. Grey was made by thinning the paint, rubbing off some pigment, or mixing stone scrapings together, for an affect that looks like it was done on rag paper rather than on raw rock.  I have worked as closely as i can to the original techniques in a smaller format.

Airbrush, sgraffito and brush on gold sandstone
This stone has very subtle bands of gold and cream running diagonally through it,
with an  overall silver and bronze mica shimmer.

Approx. size is 18” x 17”


Airbrush, sgraffito and brush on sandstone
This sandstone had a fine grain for line work and a subtle division of color from grey to light terra-cotta.

Approx. size is 19” x 14”

Chauvet Horses


Airbrush, sgraffito and brush on gold sandstone

Approx. size is 20” x 17”


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