Crossed Bison of Lascaux


This an interpretation of the Crossed Bison of Lascaux as they might have looked freshly painted 15,000 years ago. Iron oxide and black manganese paint are blown onto the stone, and the outline is emphasized by scraping lines (sgraffito) into the surface; the same techniques used by prehistoric artists. To see a photo of the original painting, click here.

Lascaux Crossed Bison design on blue slate.

Size approx. 17" x 12" 



Lascaux Crossed Bison design on quartzite. It's hard to tell in this photo, but this stone has gold mica catching the light.


Lascaux Crossed Bison design on Smokestack Slate. 

This stone has interesting bands of iridescent color running through it.

Size approx. 13" x 11.5”



Lascaux Crossed Bison design on gold mica sand stone. 

Size approx. 9.5" x 15” 

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