Lascaux Bull

This design reproduces a Lascaux-style bull painting as I imagine it might have looked freshly painted 15,000 years ago. Iron oxide and black manganese are blown onto stone, recreating in miniature the art techniques of the first artists. This painting is meant to be a "fragment" from a lost cave. To see a photo of the original painting, click here.

Airbrush, brush and sgraffito on gold mica Sandstone.
Size approx. 11 x 9”

Med. Lascaux Bull

Airbrush, brush and sgraffito on Sandstone. 
Size approx. 15" x 10”

Large Lascaux Bull


Airbrush and sgraffito on French Vanilla sandstone 
Approx. size 12" x 10.75”



Airbrush, brush and sgraffito on gold Sandstone. 
Size approx. 13.25" x 12”

Large Lascaux Bull


Airbrush and sgraffito on Arizona sandstone 
Approx. size 12" x 8.5”

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Airbrush and sgraffito on Smokestack Slate. This beautiful slate is dark and moody with subtle colors burning in it.

Size approx. 13" x 17" 

Large Lascaux Bull

Airbrush and sgraffito on a purplish-red oxide Sandstone with a ripple pattern throughout.

Size approx. 10" x 8.5"

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