Lascaux Reindeer

This is a reproduction of a Lascaux reindeer as I imagine it might have looked, freshly painted 15,000 years ago. Raw umber paint is blown onto the stone. In some places I use my hand as a mask just as cave artists did, recreating in miniature the art techniques of the first artists. Reindeer were among the most common food of ice age people (according to their garbage dumps), yet are not frequently seen in existing cave art.Airbrush and hand painting  on quartzite

Size approx. 12.25" x 10”

Lascaux Reindeer

RoseQuartzite10 $38.00 USD

Lascaux Reindeer


A smaller version of the Lascaux reindeer design on gold mica sandstone. 

Size approx. 8" x 8"



Lascaux reindeer design on Raja field stone. 

Size approx. 12" x 9.25”



Another smaller Lascaux reindeer design on a gold and pearl white quartzite. 

Size approx. 13" x 9.5"



Lascaux reindeer design on blue and purple slate. 

Size approx. 9.5" x 9"


Lascaux reindeer design on French Vanilla sandstone. 

Size approx. 10" x 11.25”

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