I researched owl art in caves and found only drawings that look like novice doodles, such as the fingerpaint-like one in Chauvet cave. I've created my own owl design that may have a modern look, but I feel keeps a paleolithic quality and fills the gap in owl art. 

Airbrush and sgraffito on Raja Slate 
This stone has Avery subtle blend of sunset colors that is very difficult to photograph

Size approx. 7.75" x 11.25” 


Airbrush and sgraffito on a little piece of rock collected near Mt. Shasta in northern California
The stone has flecks of dark cream, gold, grey and black stone that give it character

Size approx. 6.5"  x 8.5”


Airbrush and sgraffito on a quartzite that shimmers in pearl, gold and silver
This stone is very hard, so I really had to work to carve the lines!

Size approx. 7"  x 8.25”


Airbrush and sgraffito on a shimmery blue-lavender slate

Size approx. 7.75"  x 10"



Airbrush and sgraffito on Raja Field stone

Size approx. 6.5"  x 8"



Airbrush and sgraffito on French Vanilla sandstone 

Size approx. 8.5" x 6.5” 


Airbrush and sgraffito on Sandstone

Size approx. 9"  x 11”

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